Friday, November 5, 2010

Daddy's New Accessory.

Den avoids dirty diapers.  He is famous for noticing Michael or Will have one and then directly them to me (I don't mind them).  I'm usually quick just to change them, because quite frankly I am tired of listening to Den compare and contrast his adult bowel movements to those of our 17 month-old.  Today was different.  I was in the middle of 86 other tasks and wasn't going to let Dennis get away with shuffling Michael off to me so I could change him.  I made Dennis do it.  In true Dennis fashion he complained about the smell, size, etc.  I turned my back for two seconds and turned back around to see this...

That's right, that would be a baby blanket around my husband's face to ward off the odor of Michael's diaper.  I can't deal with this.  Really.  So instead I turned my attention to my super cute son...

and his big blue eyes.

Who, because it takes Daddy three times as long to change a diaper as Mommy, had time to sing me a song.  I believe we were at "three little monkeys jumping on a bed..." by this point.  As you can see, Dennis still wasn't finished.

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