Sunday, May 29, 2011

Early Celebration!

Last week we received an invitation from my Gramma to join them for dinner over Memorial Day weekend- an invitation no one in their right mind would pass up if you have ever eaten a meal my Gramma has prepared or had the chance to sit and talk with her.  I'm not quite sure if I've ever expressed on this blog how amazing my Gramma is.  Really, she's AMAZING!  We hopped in the car this afternoon and were off to Hammond to see some of the fam.  After yet another amazing meal and conversation my Gramma surprised Michael with an early birthday celebration (they will be out of town celebrating the graduation of my cousin for his actual birthday)- a cupcake just his size with two perfect candles just waiting for wishes to be made.  We sang Happy Birthday, Michael opened an awesome new swimming pool (pics coming soon) and dug into his special dessert.  My Gramma is always doing things like this.  Her thoughtfulness in one of her brightest characteristics, just one of many.  We love you Grams, thank you for thinking of our Michael!
And... just because he's so darn cute...


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