Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Deck is Officially Open...

About a week back Den and I made a few much needed purchases which were pertinent in opening our deck for the summer months.  Our list looked something like this...

1.  Patio furniture that we Kim loves.  Must be black with a neutral cushion.  Cannot fall apart in two years.  Would prefer not to have to assemble it.  Must be able to seat SIX!
2.  Grill.  Dennis prefers gas.  Kim prefers charcoal.  We're getting charcoal.

That's it.  Short list, right?  You would think it would be easy.  Not so much.  After countless hours debating over our choices we finally bit the bullet and hit that little button marked "CONFIRM PURCHASE" online.  We bought our patio furniture on Amazon and let me tell you I couldn't be more thrilled with it.  I was very particular when it came to the patio furniture.  We had looked at every store within ten miles of us, and I just couldn't pull the trigger on anything.  I wanted clean lines, with a neutral cushion and the set had to have a black frame.  Had to.  That was not an option.  I don't know about any of you who read this blog, but if I'm going to spend a small fortune on something I AM GOING TO HAVE TO LOVE IT- FOR A LONG TIME.  That's exactly how I felt about this set when I opened the three boxes it came it.  Did I mention the chairs are welded together which means (enter drumroll here) NO ASSEMBLY.  The table came in three pieces, so twenty minutes later Den had it together and we finally had our outdoor dining space.  The grill was a bit more challenging to say the least.  I had to convince Den that we should do charcoal.  I grew up with a dad who never had a gas grill.  I would spend my summer days watching my dad stand over a hot grill, drinking a beer, enjoying his hot summer day while I ran through the yard inhaling the yummy tasting air the grill let off.  Not to mention, I don't think I ever disliked anything that my Dad grilled.  The food just simply tastes better.  Let me tell you, I was not going to lose this argument.  So, we bought a charcoal grill.  The grill arrived, and I can honestly tell you that Dennis probably wanted to kill me after the four hour assembly.  But, after his first grilling experience I believe he hugged me tight and thanked me for making him buy a charcoal grill.  We've grilled every day since.  That reminds me... I have to get some meat out of the freezer...

The Deck is Open!!

**Pics of new patio furniture coming soon**

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