Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Boompa!!

Happy Birthday, Boompa!!

This birthday celebration included a few firsts for the boys.  William blew out candles all by himself for the first time and Michael sang “Happy Birthday” from start to finish!  It was a great treat for the boys to share part of Boompa’s 55th birthday with him (and even some of his cake).  He just so happens to be one of their favorite people.  According to the boys he’s the best rowing buddy and head rubber.  He makes great car noises and is one heck of a dance partner.  And, did we mention that he let’s the boys beat up on him whenever they please- which they absolutely love.  They squeal with delight when we simply mention his name.  They really lucked out in the Boompa department.

We love you, Boompa!  Happy Birthday. 
Den, Kim, MLB and WRB

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