Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Night of Her Life!

the night of her life.
I don’t believe that I have to remind anyone that I am slightly obsessed with my baby sister, Abby.  She just may be the sweetest girl walking the planet and making her happy makes my heart leap.  So, when I saw in a local paper that Lauren Conrad was going to be in Naperville for a book signing my heart started to giggle.  See, I’m obsessed with Abby and Abby is obsessed with Lauren Conrad.  It just so happened to be Abby’s birthday month when I spotted this news so I called her up and said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  YOU ARE GOING TO MEET LAUREN CONRAD!”  I really can’t put into words how she reacted, but I’m sure you can imagine the high-pitched “you’re kidding me?” followed by giddy screaming.  After hours shopping for a new outfit and sweating for an hour and a half in line for what was going to be a very memorable night for the both of us Abby was up.  We had rehearsed exactly what she would say to LC before she got up there, but my cute-as-hell sister was so excited she couldn’t spit it out.  She could only get out part of it, “you are such an inspiration” to which LC told my sister, “Awe, you are so sweet.  That’s so nice.”  Abby made it a point to tell me about all of the eye contact they made- but I already knew because I captured their 21 seconds on video.

As we walked out of Anderson’s with my sister clutching her newly signed book and dancing like she had to pee all I could think about was the leaping going on inside of my chest.  I love seeing her so happy. 

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