Monday, April 16, 2012

Thirty Candles (Part 2)

Thirty Candles

Thank you to Tracy’s for being a phenomenal establishment.
Thank you to Matt for keeping us on our feet all night.
Thank you to Nate for attempting to karaoke.
Thank you to Marie’s mom for inspiring us all to have fun.
Thank you to Nemo for ending the party on a WONDERFUL note.
Thank you to Miller Lite for being so tasty.
Thank you to Jane and Mike for helping sponsor this amazing event.
Thank you, Billy Joel, for writing the perfect song- a song that gets us to huddle up, sway back and forth and scream at the top of our lungs every single time we are all together.
A big thank you to my sister, Abby, who watched three toddlers while we enjoyed our adult time.
Thank you to Big E for helping Abby keep those three toddlers in line.
Thank you to Nate, the bouncer, for keeping all of the fun people outside in check.
Thanks to each and every single person who joined us on Saturday.  Thank you for traveling and taking time out of your busy lives to have a few beers with us.  It meant the world to Dennis (and me) to have you there.
Here’s to what I’m sure will be an amazing decade!

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