Sunday, October 7, 2012

House Arrest

House Arrest

It’s been a long twelve days in the Breier house.  We've been on house arrest.  What started as sore throats accompanied by high fevers quickly turned into bronchitis and walking pneumonia with fevers that just would not quit.  Luckily, we have an amazing pediatrician who put the both of them on high dose antibiotics and steroids to try and avoid paying the hospital a visit to administer antibiotics.  I must say though, that this route was very slow- and I am without patience these days especially on my average of three hours of sleep per night.  Green snots are now visiting our house as the infections are finally saying their goodbyes.  Most days I can’t believe how much energy our boys have.  So, when something like this hits them and they spend their days lethargic and on a couch I’m reminded that I would take the high dose of energy over the illness any day.  

Today was a little different.  Michael didn’t complain about his throat, and William’s cough only sounded like a Chi-hua-hua and not a Rotweiller.  Outside we went for the first time in TWELVE stinkin’ days to enjoy a little bit of the fresh fall air during Bears halftime.  Uncle Nemo and Daddy taught the boys the art of tackling as I kept tabs on the clock.  I was not willing to let them be outside too long, fearing that the fresh air would reverse the affects of the antibiotics.  Freedom for twenty minutes.  It was wonderful to see them giggling and running about.  Oh, how I missed the high dose of energy.

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