Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Is Here!!

Halloween Is Here!!

To say we were looking forward to Halloween this year is quite the understatement.  We had a countdown in our house.  For the last month every time one of my boys saw a Halloween decoration or caught a glimpse of a pumpkin all they could talk about was Halloween. Every day Michael would ask me if it was time to trick or treat yet and I would have to reply, “No, buddy.  # more days until you can get treats.”  Then he would be disappointed.  So, when the boys woke up today and he asked me again and my response was, “Yep- TODAY!!” he was overcome with excitement and jumped up and down so erratically I thought he was going to vomit.  And, then William followed suit because anything Michael does William can do better.

For the last two weeks I have slowly put together their costumes, as not to be bombarded with the task last minute.  I helped plan two preschool parties.  Stuffed 57 goodie bags for the boys’ classmates.  Made three trips to our local pumpkin patch.  Decorated our house.  Helped the boys mail out 18 Halloween cards.  Organized a Trunk or Treat at the YMCA.  Baked spooky treats.  Attended two pumpkin programs.  Watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin 1, 748 times (the boys are OBSESSED).  Purchased candy- five separate times.  Made two treat bags.  All of this in the spirit of the season- because this is by far my favorite holiday of the year.  I’m tickled the boys were so involved this year. 

After what seemed like the longest build-up ever it was finally here.  Today was an absolute blast!  Daddy took the day off which was AMAZING, and we all went to Michael's preschool program first thing this morning where his class serenaded us with five spooky favorites.  Then we were free to do whatever it was our little hearts desired.

I’ll tell you what, there’s nothing like trick or treating with a two and three year-old.  The excitement (which I blame on the sugar high) was overwhelming as our two dinos sprinted from house to house anxiously waiting to see what was in store for them next.   We made our way through Dennis' old stompin' grounds one house at a time, including the house he grew up in.  William snacked on treats (pretzels and goldfish) in between houses  and Michael made friends with each and every costumed kiddo and parent we met. 

Our first stop... Gramma's of course!

Where we picked up another trick or treater.

And, then we were off...

Dino Crossing

Waiting patiently for someone to answer their door.

Visiting Daddy's old house.
(Dennis may or may not have been crying at this exact moment.)

Dinosaur attack!!

William examining the contents of his bag between houses.

I turned around a few times to find Michael pouncing in the leaves.

When trick or treating was over for our Michaelsaurus and Willceratops we dragged two pooped boys back to Gramma and Boompa’s house where we gorged ourselves on pizza, gin and tonic (for Daddy) and maybe a chocolate bar or two.  One hilight of the evening, Michael helping Gramma pass out candy to other trick or treaters.  He was hysterical- determining how many pieces each guest should receive and deciding for them what exactly it was they wanted from the treat bowl.  By the end of the evening he screamed, “Hey, stop ringing that doorbell.”  He was exhausted.

Now the task of packing it all away for next year and dragging the Christmas decor out.  We’re going to decorate super early this year so the boys can get as deep in the holiday spirit as they did for Halloween.  

We hope your family had a safe and wonderful day!  From our family to yours...

Happy Halloween
I used the following tutorials for the boys' costumes: 
Dino Hoodies
Dino Tails

I did improvise a little.  I used fleece for all of the spikes instead of felt (hoodie) and cotton (tail).  I didn't have to worry about frayed edges, but did top-stitch the spikes for appearance.  I also added the dino bellies to each hoodie as an extra little something.  I used a machine for all of the sewing, no hand-stitching here.  For the treat bags I purchased canvas bags from Hobby Lobby and used my Silhouette to create a dinosaur stencil and just tattooed these bags with a little paint.  These costumes are so fun, and can be worn all year long.

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Loved the pics of the boys Kim, cute costumes by the way and loved the family pic of you all :)