Sunday, October 14, 2012


Pumpkins.  Gourds.  Hay bales.  Bon fires.  Comfort food.  Sweats.  Wood burning fireplaces.  Halloween.  I think I should just stop there.  I could go on for days.  I love sweet October.  I get a welcomed burst of energy each year right at this time, and I think my husband appreciates it more than it lets on.  Let’s see... we’ve had a yard sale.  I’ve spruced up our sitting room and powder room with new decor.  Decorated our home for my favorite holiday.  Have begun sewing the boys’ Halloween costumes.  Michael announced he would like to be a red dinosaur and William would like to be a blue dinosaur.  Easy enough.  I’ve started our baby girl’s nursery- what a fun project that is going to be.  I’m finally ok with the color pink and have thoroughly enjoyed treasure hunting for little details to add to her room.  It’s been busy, but a good busy.  People do drugs.  I do October.  

Last week we did one of my favorite all time October traditions.  We visited our favorite local pumpkin patch, The Farm, and let the boys hunt for their carving pumpkins.  Every time Michael sees a pumpkin he shouts, “It’s Halloween!”  I am beside myself giddy that he is actually looking forward to it this year.  William loved climbing atop the mammoth pumpkins at The Farm- although next to Will they don’t appear all that mammoth.  They enjoyed hunting for their pumpkins and I just took in the chilly air and the amazing atmosphere dreading the fact that in two short weeks it will all be over.  

Then, over the weekend Den and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary with some of our personal favorites.  Appetizer hopping, shopping at Pottery Barn (I’m in love with my new throw pillows) and Crate and Barrel, dinner at my fave place of all time, Maggiano’s.  Then a night cap (for Den) at a local pub.  It’s been months since we went on a date, just the two of us without there being some event going on.  Sure we’ve been away from the kiddos for a couple nights.  Weddings, birthday parties.  You get the idea.  But, there is something to be said for quiet one on one time with your favorite person in the entire world.  With the kids being so sick recently and the stresses of every day life we kind of lost sight in appreciating each other’s time- so we took full advantage on Saturday.  Celebrating our marriage is my all time favorite thing about October.  

This coming weekend is going to be amazing.  A couple of my favorite Chicago suburb bloggers are hosting cottage sales and I plan on being the first in line.  I'm hunting for vintage ironstone, a clock and old lockers for a project for the boys'  room.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I come across a couple of these finds as I drool over 100+ year old furniture that I wish I could bring home.  And, last but certainly not least we have a HUGE surprise for the boys- compliments of a dear friend.  Can't wait to see their reactions to it and share the photos!

Oh, October!

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