Monday, October 29, 2012

No Itsy Bitsy Spider Here!

No Itsy Bitsy Spider Here!


You are stubborn.  Today supports the previous statement.


After three hours of sewing together your blue dinosaur costume you refuse to wear the tail (the cutest part).

You have definitely come a long way regarding school.  So, today I was impressed that you joined your class on the carpet for your Halloween program.  However, you absolutely refused to sing any of the songs.  You stood there- with your arms crossed sternly across your chest all while trying really hard not to smile at your Dad and I as we held our video camera directly toward your face in hopes you would spontaneously bust out into Itsy Bitsy spider.  You didn’t. 

Then for the first time since school began, you cried when we left.  

Point proven.

I love you to the moon,


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