Thursday, January 15, 2009

Behind the Name...

Why Michael Lincoln you may ask?  Well, let me tell you...

Naming our little boy may have been the easiest task concerning this entire pregnancy!  When Dennis and I began discussing names I simply asked him if he could name his son anything what would it be.  He quickly replied with "Michael".  The wonderful thing about this is that I have always said I will name my first son Michael.  It just so happens that we wanted to name our first born after the men who have influenced our lives the most.  Both Dennis' dad and my brother share the name Michael, and so he was named.  Convenient and smooth!!  Dennis has a wonderful relationship with his dad, one I'm sure he hopes to have with our son.  Not to mention, Mike has been incredibly helpful in guiding Dennis in I in the many details involved with starting a family.  We respect him immensely, and know more than anything that he will be a fantastic grandfather to our son.  

On the other hand, I wanted to name our peanut after my brother for many, many reasons!  Michael (my brother) has always been the man in my life.  There I was the oldest of four girls when he came into the world, and I wanted nothing more than to be a big sister to a little guy.  Michael and I have an incredible relationship, one I couldn't explain to you.  What I can tell you is yes, my brother may only be 14, but he has been my best friend since he was born.  He has taught me patience, understanding, and that perspective is the key to resolving situations.  He is everything I would want in a son, eager and full of life.  But, more importantly he respects women in such a way one cannot teach.  It quickly became a part of who he was growing up in a house full of strong-willed women, and it will make him a better man.  He is looking forward to becoming an uncle and having someone younger than him he can play ball with!!

When it came to giving our Michael a middle name I was quick to offer Lincoln.  Dennis didn't object.  Both Dennis and I are Republicans and proud of it.  I wanted our son to have a strong name.  One he would appreciate when he was old enough to understand why we went down the path we did when naming him.  Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president of this union, was a man who knocked down barriers and fought against what may have been popular at the time for what was right.  I'm not going to give you a history lesson on Lincoln here, but I will tell you that what this man did for our country has you and I where we are today.  

So, there you have it.  Michael Lincoln.  Not to mention, his initials will be MLB... is it baseball season yet?!

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