Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rockets Take 2nd!!

As I had posted previously, Dennis' club volleyball team participated in a tournament last weekend.  Some last minute details were changed.  We were unable to get into the tournament in Dewitt, so instead traveled to Sterling, IL to partake in a day of volleyball festivities.  We did start our travels on Friday night, and shacked up with Danielle to cut our drive in half for Sunday.  We had a blast with DL.  We had dinner at this pub called Kelley's in Davenport and then headed to the District for Dennis' favorite daiquiri at The Daiquiri Factory!!  It's amazing how much fun they pack into a 16 oz. frothy beverage.  It was a great night of catching up and relaxing with Danielle.  We were up at 5:30 to make our way to Sterling.  Dennis' assistant wasn't able to make it to the tournament, so I offered up my services considering I spent many of my teen days on a volleyball court and traveling from one tournament to another with my two club teams.  The day got off to a rough start considering we were tossed into the tourney literally the day before.  But, the day quickly became hours upon hours of volleyball fun.  Our girls improved game to game and ended up heading to the championship match where they fell to the Bettendorf Black 13 team.  So, in the first tournament of the year we took 2nd and walked out of there with a piece of hardware!!  Many of the parents took pics, I will do my best to get one up on here when I get my hands on one or two.  We have a couple weeks of practice to get ready for our next tournament.  We host the Rocket Blast on the 25th, where teams will travel to Iowa City from all over the midwest to compete.  Should be a good time.  If you wanna see some good volleyball we have plenty of room for visitors!!  Go RoCkEtS!!

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