Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Room is Spinning and Something's a Flutterin'!!

18 weeks is here, and so is our fifth month!  I'm not nearly as big as I expected to be.  I think it's possible that I had built it up in my head that I was going to put on all of this weight, and I'm actually below the curve with weight gain at this point.  I'm really good about eating fresh fruits and veggies.  In fact, I prefer them.  I bought my first "pregnancy food" just two days ago, needed chocolate ice cream in the fridge for some reason.  Had a few spoonfuls and I was finished with it. 

The only side effect of this pregnancy that I just can't get used to is the dizziness.  Any time I go to stand the room starts spinning.  I've had to be very careful to stand and sit-up at the pace of a snail.  I'm also to the point where I absolutely cannot be on my back at all.  Pregnant women aren't supposed to sleep on their backs because the weight of the baby/uterus applies pressure to major arteries that run down your spine and quickly lowers your blood pressure.  My doctor told me a minute or two to stretch (which I love doing) would be just fine.  I just can't do it.  The dizzy spells are quite annoying.  The little aches are a piece of cake compared to my inconsistent equilibrium!  What a pain.  Our next appointment is on the 28th.  We'll see if this little guy and I are going to slip into a growth spurt sometime soon.  

As week 17 arrived I started feeling little flutters in my belly.  I think I mentioned before that our last ultrasound confirmed that what I was feeling was in fact little Michael.  They've become consistently harder in the last week or so and I'm noticing it particularly in one spot (lower right quadrant).  I wouldn't say I'm feeling kicking necessarily, just some movement.  I'm looking forward to that first POW he delivers to me!  Oh, how I can't wait!!  

Belly pics coming soon...

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