Thursday, January 15, 2009

"I triple-dog dare you..."

I wanted to share this quick link/story with you.,2933,480097,00.html

I'm not sure that anyone else will appreciate this as much as I do. Funny story, when I was about ten my sister, Michelle, triple-dog dared me to do the exact same thing as the young man in the above story, and all because of that damn movie. Needless to say I was so freaked out when my tongue actually stuck to the street sign that I just tore it off. I later found out that a little warm water would have cured by predicament. 'Til this day there is still a piece of my tongue on the street sign that marks my parents corner. Let this be a lesson learned, trip-dog dares are incredibly dangerous!! 

*Crazy little coincidence that the above story hails from Hammond, IN, which just so happens to be where I was born and lived for the first few years of my life.*

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