Friday, January 2, 2009

Waiting on Michael Lincoln Breier!!

It'S a BoY!!

A healthy, active baby boy!!  There he was in all his glory!!  Not shy to share with us what we should expect in June.  On Friday we had our full anatomy ultrasound, which is typically done around week 20, but  because I was having an issue they decided to go ahead and push it up a few weeks.  Once I was in the clear our sonographer (chipper she was) made her way down the checklist with the baby.  Heart... check.  Brain... check.  Limbs... check.  And, so on and so forth.  Everything right where it needs to be, and working just as it should.  The heart rate was again in the 150s, and this little guy was moving around like Dennis does on the dance floor.  When asked if we wanted to know the sex I answered with a high pitched "yes" and before you knew it there he was.  I believe our sonographer's exact words were, "Well, he isn't a shy one is he?"  He moved so quickly we weren't able to snap a picture to prove it to you, but I'm sure we'll get one here in a few weeks.  We were given lots of pictures from this ultrasound, a bit picture happy was our "photographer".  No complaints here!!  We were able to see his face so clearly this week.  I was eager to see where his little feet were because I'd been feeling some "fluttering" and wanted to make sure it wasn't my imagination.  Sure enough, he was kicking me right where I had been experiencing this little tickle.  What an overwhelming experience!! All I want to do is meet him now, but I think I'll let him "bake" a little longer! :)

Kicking around!!
(This was taken right before we took notice to his boy parts!)

Face and belly

Hand and backside

Profile view (legs up in the air)

Doing sit-ups!

Foot print

Our little alien (as Dennis calls him) waving at us!!

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