Wednesday, January 7, 2009

IoWa RoCkEtS

Dennis recently took up coaching girls' club volleyball.  That's right, I said it.  Thirteen year olds in fact, and they love him.  I bring this up because his 13 Gold team has their first tournament this weekend in Dewitt, IA.  I tagged along to practice last week and had the privilege of sitting among the moms who travel long distances just to make sure their daughters get in the two hour practice.  While sitting with these proud women I heard nothing but praise for Dennis and how excited they are to see a coach with such enthusiasm.  Now, I've played for a club coach or two in my day, I would have loved to have played for Dennis.  He lights a fire under some of these girls you simply wouldn't see if they were being coached by someone else.  I hope these girls catch his true love for the sport.  If you want to keep tabs on how Den and the 13 Gold Rockets are doing you can take a peek at

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BobbyWo said...

Go Gold Rockets. Good luck Kimmy and Dennis with your team!