Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brave Little Boys

When Did They Become
So Brave?!

With cold weather right around the corner we are soaking up every second of sunshine that we can these days.  After William woke up from his nap (and I cleaned up the Play-Doh) we ventured to one of our favorite parks to burn off some energy before dinner.  It occurred to me during this trip that my babies have become incredibly brave.  William has decided that he likes to go down slides backwards and Michael like to climb UP the tallest of slides.  William tries to take the wagon for walks and Michael makes friends with wild animals (enter sigh of relief here that both of them came away injury free this trip).  One thing is for sure, William tries to immitate every single thing that Michael does these days and it is incredibly cute.  They chase each other around the playground and occupy themselves (finally) for hours on end.  We are not looking forward to colder days and *shiver* snow.  What will I do with the two of them when we can’t be outside??  Time to put on my thinkin’ cap and get to planning excursions for those blasted winter months that are knockin’ at the door.

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