Friday, September 23, 2011

Wrestle Mania

wrestle mania
Does your family have a witching hour?  Yeah, so do we.  It usually starts at about 6:00 and lasts until we tuck the boys into bed at 7:00.  It’s not exactly the calmest part of our day.  Enter Dennis.  He is so wonderful about getting the boys outside each night for some wrestling time.  Michael loves tackling Dennis, and William loves watching from a distance until Daddy forces William to tackle Michael.  I, too, enjoy from a distance in a patio chair because my body simply cannot take any more physical activity after a day with my two toddlers who NEVER sit still.  Again, THANK GOD FOR DENNIS and his witching hour magic.  We're due for rain over the next couple of days so I guess the next wrestling match is TBD...

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