Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Websters

Meet the Websters
Last summer I was introduced to an amazing blog following the lives of the Sullengers after they had suddenly lost their 18 month old daughter, Preslee, in a drowning accident. I have followed them for the last year intently, amazed at the strength of this young family.  I learn something new from them with every post.  Today, I popped in on their blog and was introduced to the Websters- a family that lost their young daughter at 4 months to an awful, incurable disease.

Meet the Websters!
After wiping away tears reading up on their lives since losing their little Makenzie, I read about their latest struggle.  You can read about it here.  After you have a moment to compose yourself let me tell you something wonderful about the Websters.  Knowing now that they both carry the gene of this horrible disease that has now taken the lives of their two little ones they are pursuing adoption in order to expand their family.  To help offset the expense of the adoption they are composing a cookbook with recipes from friends, family and you- the blog world.  All the information about this project can be found right here.  If you have a recipe to share simply follow the easy directions to help this family add to their "Baby Fund".  It's amazing the impact someone you have never met can have on your life.  Because of the Sullengers and the Websters I am a better mom.  Please take a second and visit these blogs.  As hard as it is to read about their struggles you will come away feeling overjoyed about their perseverance and gratitude. 

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