Saturday, September 17, 2011

Party on the Old Block

Tamarack Block Party
(The Old Stomping Grounds)

Today was beautiful.  Long, but beautiful.  We spent the afternoon in Darien- on Tamarack to be exact.  It happens to be the street my husband grew up on just about his entire life.  To say that there's a little bit of sentiment on Tamarack is an understatement to say the least.  The folks on Tamarack were hosting their annual block party today, so after my in-laws convinced me to leave the house (because I really didn't want to) we packed up the boys and the wagon and were off to meet the old neighbors.  Little did we know that going to this event was the highlight of Michael's weekend- THEY HAD A BOUNCY HOUSE.  This kid did not leave that contraption the entire time we were at the block party.  He was making friends with all of the neighborhood kids, bouncing his little heart out and even tried to show William just what you do when you are in a bouncy house (of which William wanted no part of).  Will was happy crawling about the block- outside of the bouncy house.  A little grilling, good food and some conversation later we left with a tuckered out Michael and a bright-eyed William.  It was wonderful to see the home Dennis grew up in (Laura, Den and I got a private tour from the current owners), meet the people who knew him growing up and see just what all the hype about living in Hinsbrook is all about.  Now, two questions... 1.  Where in the world can I purchase a bouncy house?  And, 2...  Will Dennis let me put it in the backyard and by doing so kill all of his grass??  Dear grass, it's been great having ya but I'd be willing to let you go.  If only you had seen Michael in this damn thing.

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