Monday, July 19, 2010

Climbing Master.

Michael has mastered the climbing skill!  He's climbing up and down everything these days.  Beds, couches, slides.  You name it, he's all over it.  We were in Iowa a few weeks back and Michael just let himself down (backwards) off of the bed.  Of course, Dennis and I watched him do this with our arms outstretched.  But, to our surprise he just slid right down as though he'd been doing it his entire life.  Now, he's figured out that he can SLIDE down the stairs, not just carefully go down one at a time.  It's quite ridiculous really.  On a walking note, he's anxious to do it.  Over the weekend Michael was taking tons of steps, and today stood up in the middle of the room and took five steps to me.  He still finds it hysterical when you stand him up and ask him to walk and instead he decides that he is going to lower himself to the ground as slowly as possible and then laugh at you.  This kid!!  I love him.  Now, Michael, walk!!

A few pics of him enjoying some bus time in the basement on these scorching 100* heat indexed days...

Climbing up or down??

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