Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stars and Stripes (and American English, Too!)

What an amazing weekend!! We spent Friday relaxing on the deck and followed it up with The Lights in the Sky Festival in Lisle, where I got to experience American English for the first time. Now, if you aren't familiar with American English let's just say they are a Beatles cover band who know how to get the crowd excited. Michael joined us for the event which meant staying well up past his bed time. He spent hours dancing and bopping his head to the crowd friendly tunes!! It was really super cute watching him enjoy himself, and watching the other concert goers enjoy Michael. Saturday Den was participating in the Darien Lions Club Annual 4th of July Parade. It was hot, but we made it through the event with a bucket full of candy and a little bit of a sun tan! Picnic in the park, catching up with the Kotwicas and an early night for us followed the parade. We spent almost all of Sunday at the pool, which Michael loved since he had all of the "ladies" swooning over him. By "ladies" I mean any female toddler in a 10 foot radius. It was incredibly cute!! Monday we recovered. I love the 4th of July!! Without a doubt one of my favorite holidays, a close second right behind Halloween. We took lots of pictures, enjoy!!

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