Friday, July 23, 2010

William the Great!!

It's been an interesting week.  I saw my OBGYN yesterday for my routine bi-monthly check-up and left there excited and nervous and scared out of my mind.  So, we did the routine stuff.  Weight, down a pound.  Blood pressure, great!  Fundal height, FULL TERM!  What?  Yep, a full 40 cm and William is head down.  Did I mention that while my doc was checking me out he noticed that I was contracting.  No big deal.  I can't feel them, but he assured me that I was.  Now, this wouldn't be an issue except that I technically have 6 weeks until his due date.  That's right... SIX WEEKS!  Of course, we chatted a little bit after this bomb.  He scheduled me for an ultrasound to check on size and fluid levels, which I went to today.  William is a whopping 6 lb. 5 oz. already of lean mean baby.  A fetus at his gestation is usually 4 1/2 lbs.  She also made the announcement that if Will kept growing at this rate we'd have a a ten pound baby on our hands.  She then asked me a laundry list of questions... "How big was your first one?"  "Have you thought about a c-section?"  "Does anyone else in your family have big babies or is it just you?"  "Do you think your body can deliver a ten pounder?"

After we chatted she asked me to return in three weeks (that is if I haven't gone into labor, which she didn't rule out could happen) for another ultrasound and if he is still packing on the pounds then we will decide on a c-section or induction at that time.  She urged me not to wait much longer than 37 weeks because he's huge.  I had a non stress test today as well, just to double check the little nugget and again, he's wonderful and healthy.  I was having contractions, small ones, but still contractions.  

I have issues with having a c-section (maybe I'll post about that later), and I also have issue with trying to squeeze a ten pound child out of my body.  I have a little bit of thinking to do to say the least.  

I was happy though to catch a glimpse of the "little" guy.  Here he is...

32 Weeks

I see my OBGYN again in a week.  Who knows, we might have a baby by then!!

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