Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Stroller Built for Two.

As may be expected, we're in the market for a double stroller and I am having one helluva time trying to decide which way to go!!  Do I go with the practical double tandem or do I go with the sporty side by side jogging stroller that serves two purposes (one of those being getting my ass back into shape).  I'm torn.

I took Michael for a brief walk this morning before he got too steamy and weighed the pros and cons of this the entire duration of our crawl walk.  Sure the tandem makes sense- easy to maneuver, takes up less space (although it isn't by much) and I wouldn't have to worry about Michael poking at Will next to him as I would a side by side.  However, the side by side joggers have come a long way.  They are very light weight and manageable, would work with the boys up until they are 50+ lbs. each and would be a great way for me to get a workout in  without having to worry about childcare.  Ugh.  I need the opinions of some mommies who have had to make this decision.  What do we do??


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