Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Natural.

So, if any of you know me at all you know that back to school season is by far my favorite time to shop during the year.  The aisles of fresh paper and crayons does something for me that I just can't quite explain.  Naturally, when back to school stocking started taking place a few weeks ago I was one of the first customers to play in all of the new neatly placed display bins at Target to stock up on what I thought Michael would need over the next year.  Construction paper, crayons, Sharpies, etc.  Ok, maybe he didn't need the Sharpies, but I think that I might be able to use them at some point. :)  Michael has dabbled with finger paints, but never really with crayons.  Every time I give him one he sticks it right into his mouth and we play the "What, Mom.  It's just a crayon" game over and over again. I'm not feeling 100% today, and needed an activity to pass some time.  So, I busted out the perfectly formed box of 24 Crayola Classics and threw a couple along with some paper onto Michael's tray after lunch assuming that the paper would end up on the floor and the crayon in his mouth.  To my surprise he actually colored!!  He seemed so proud of himself, often stopping to admire the marks he had left from running his arm from left to right over his highchair.  I couldn't stop smiling at his great talent.  I believe his new interest in the arts is reason enough to go back to Target and do a little bit more back to school shopping, right?!

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