Wednesday, April 14, 2010

25 Things You Didn't Know About...

  1. I count the # of stairs I'm either walking up or walking down.  Every time.
  2. My favorite part of the day is getting Mikey out of bed in the morning.
  3. My dream job is to own a small bakery and party planning service that specializes in kiddo parties.
  4. Martha Stewart is my idol.
  5. I really believe my husband is the funniest person I know.
  6. I'm addicted to farmers markets.
  7. My dream house consists of a wraparound porch and six kids in the yard.
  8. When chewing gum it  has to be two pieces.  Not one.  Two, even if someone offers it to me I have to tell them I need two.  Something to do with Simone and playing basketball.
  9. I can't sleep with socks on.  I even make Dennis take his off when we're in bed.  Something about the confinement.
  10. I love going to Target, buying new toiletries and then coming home and putting them away.
  11. I miss playing volleyball every day.
  12. I can't sit straight on a toilet.  As odd as it may seem (I think something happened to me as a child), I have to sit at a very slight angle.
  13. When I travel back home to the QC I have to roll the windows down to smell the MISSISSIPPI!
  14. I often don't let my husband do things because I simply can do them better.
  15. I send cards at every single holiday.  I'm also a stationery addict.
  16. I like a good Long Island Iced Tea.  I love a good vodka on the rocks w/ two lemon twists.
  17. A cajun turkey, salami and muenster cheese sandwich with a side of Pringles topped off with a Diet Coke and People magazine could be my favorite meal.
  18. My favorite place to be is my husband's nook.
  19. I have a small fantasy about being a part of a Janet Jackson dance routine at one of her concerts.
  20. As they taught us to do in Kindergarten, I eat things on my plate in a specific order and not to move onto the next thing without finishing the first.  First, the protein or major component.  After that, the bread portion followed by the vegetable. Then the fruit.  Obviously, dessert is last.  Topped off with my beverage.  I can't take a bite of one thing, then take a bite of another.
  21. October is the best time of the year.  Something about bon fires, pumpkin patches, comfort food, Halloween, sweaters and scarves that touches my soul.
  22. I have recently become addicted to coupon clipping and finding the best deal.
  23. I'm a huge fan of shopping for school supplies, even when I'm not a student.  My favorite combination... Sharpies and Post-Its.  The two of them belong together.
  24. I picture Heaven to look a lot like Crate and Barrel.
  25. I love my boys more than anything in this world.  Every day I have to pinch myself.  I do live a wonderful life.  

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laura said...

#11 is my personal favorite:] and yes kim i still look at this ALL the time. just to see how you are and to see if everythings okay....and you told me last year that you would send me a card for ground hogs day? maybe next year? ha...but i will have to get your address so we can be pen pals... because i miss you a whole bunch! come back to see me? yes!