Thursday, April 1, 2010

At the Top of Navy Pier!

What an amazing *HOT* spring day we had today.  Michael, Gramma, Jane Jr., Hannah, Adam and myself spent the day downtown exploring Navy Pier and all it has to offer.  After Mikey's (and Adam's) first Metra ride (which both loved) we took a water taxi and walked a bit to get to the Pier.  It appeared that a couple of people had the same idea as to what to do on such a beautiful day.  The Pier was bustling with people!  After lunch at Harry Caray's we made our way down the Pier with a stop at the famous ferris wheel.  What a view!!  After a little shopping we boarded a couple more water taxis and made our way home.  Michael loved the boats and staring up at the tall skyscrapers that towered over us.  He is such a well behaved boy and made friends with just about everyone we came in contact with.  Thanks to Jane Sr., Jane Jr., Hannah and Adam for making our day!  We'll be putting together another adventure soon.

Waiting for the train

Water taxi.

A fan.

Can you find the humans??

Our view.


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