Monday, April 19, 2010

William Reagan.

Phew, finally a second to get a post in about our newest peanut, William Reagan.

This little boy is so completely different than his older brother.  This pregnancy is nothing like what I experienced when pregnant with Mikey.  Michael, active at all hours of the day, never stopped kicking.  William is a churner.  I constantly feel like I just "lost my stomach" for a second.  He really isn't a kicker, but a somersault artist who performs at three very specific times of the day.  The early morning, around 6:00 and then again in the early afternoon and tops off the day with a workout at about 10:00.  Actually, I don't know that I would say I feel pregnant.  I feel great, just tired.  My belly really hasn't interfered with anything quite yet and all of the symptoms I had with Michael at this point I just don't have with William.  No more cravings.  No more nausea.  No backaches or shoulder pain (which amazes me considering I'm lugging around the brut, Mikey).  I suppose I really just don't have time to think about it, because we simply are just preoccupied with other things at the moment.

William is developmentally right on track.  We've had three total ultrasounds with this little one.  The first, to confirm the pregnancy.  The second, his 20 week full anatomy ultrasound which was inconclusive because he was twisting and turning so much.  Lastly, another 20 week ultrasound to get better measurements.  The measurements all suggest that he weighs about 12 oz. at the moment and is right on track for his September 2 due date.  The physician during our last ultrasound (which was a dream appointment) guaranteed me 2,000% that we are in fact having another little boy (picture to prove it below) and that he is healthy and one hell of a gymnast.

To be completely honest, this couldn't be any sweeter.  Here we are with one child who seems to light up everyone's day, and now to be blessed with another little guy is just, ah, it takes my breath away.  I'm looking forward to saying "our boys this" and "our boys that", for Mikey to be a big brother and for William to shadow his every move.  I can handle the fighting every once in a while if the majority of the time they are buddies.  I'm excited to see Dennis with the two of them.  I'm just over the moon.

Now, here we are half way there already to meeting our little Will.  Time sure has flown by, I thank Mikey for that.  Pray for a nice, cool summer! :)

Meet Will...

First ultrasound.  The tiny pea.


His "you know what"!  Can you make it out??

William Reagan

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