Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wink. Wink.

I have stumbled across a wonderful little service!!  Wink (with Shutterfly) is a new service that provides photo booth style photo strips for a ridiculously low price.  For $2.50 they will print, mail and send you a digital copy of your photo strip.  It's a great idea for sending grandparents and family your favorite pics!  Check it out today and get your first strip for free.  Once your strip is mailed Wink will email you a customer survey, which if you complete you will get another strip for free.  That is $5.00 worth of free photo strips for two minutes of your time.  How do you pass that up??  I can't wait to put my strip up on my "Mikey Wall of Cuteness"!  Check it out when you get a sec!!

My first photo strip of Michael!

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