Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter :: 2010

Hello, Easter!  I can't believe it's here already.  After a frantic morning of helping prepare a brunch for 28 people I must say that the day went very well.  The Easter Bunny was very generous to Michael this year.  He got a little bit of everything... Something musical- a tambourine.  Something educational- a book and Baby Einstein DVD.  Something fun- a Tonka Truck.  Something whimsical- a pinwheel (which is his favorite thing of all time).  Something festive- bunny ears.  Something to swing around- a foam sword (meant for tickling from afar).  Something cuddly- a triceratops stuffed animal.  Something to drive Mommy crazy- fake grass.  That should cover all the flybys.  

Easter brunch was a hit, as well as the Easter egg hunt Jane put together for the tots.  Unfortunately, all the fun happenings fell in the middle of Michael's nap time.  There's always next year.  A few photos of our day...  

Picking through his basket.

Maybe not the best picture of my two boys.

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