Monday, April 12, 2010

A Quick Trip.

Den, Michael and I hopped in the car on Sunday and made a quick trip to Iowa to get in some time with Keri and for Den and I to take Dennis' colleague out to a thank you dinner.  It was a brief, yet wonderful trip.  Michael met GodMom Keri's new puppy, Mali Boo and they quickly became,well, we'll say friends.  Thank you to the Andersons for watching Mikey while Dennis and I enjoyed an evening out in Iowa City.  We had dinner at Joseph's with the gentleman (and his wonderful wife) who brought Dennis into ING as a thank you for all of his support and then had a birthday drink with Scott and G at Bo's.  After a bit of running around Monday morning we were heading back to the suburbs.  As you can see, Michael got in some quality time with his God Mother.  

Learning how to share (a dog bone, that is).

Destroying phones.

Mali attacking Mikey.  Mikey attacking Keri.

Mali Boo

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